"As Probate Judge, I will serve all people no matter who they are. I will be impartial, neutral, caring and compassionate with all citizens. I will listen to their concerns and if we are not able to meet their needs, we will do everything in our power to lead them in the right direction." 
Elder Abuse
  • Serve our senior population

  • Spread awareness of elder abuse

  • Partner with agencies to investigate and prosecute exploitation

  • Continue the growth of the Marshall County Guardianship Program

Mental Illness
  • Educate the public on mental illness
  • Work to attain multiple trained community mental health officers
  • Partnering with law enforcement agencies to serve the mentally ill in our community
  • Educate the community on the several different types of adoptions

  • Uniting families in a fast and timely manner

Customer Service
  • Expand the Arab satellite office to become a full service office to include: 

    • Drivers License​

    • Business License

  • Implement Probate Court software program to allow citizens to access public records online

  • E-Recording that saves time and money which allows citizens to have recorded documents immediately

Community Awareness
  • Make the community aware of how the election process works

  • Make the community aware of all the facets of the probate office

  • Making the community aware of an informal process whereby families of adult children with disabilities can obtain guardianship